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Dagupan City

Dawel River Cruise

“Home of the tastiest milkfish in the world and Birthplace of Philippine Modern Art & National Artist VICTORIO EDADES”

Dagupan City was originally named Bacnotan by the Augustinian missionaries a few years after the establishment of the Spanish encomienda in Pangasinan in 1583.  In 1660, Andres Malong, a local chieftain, led a revolt against the Spaniards for imposing forced labor.  After the revolt, the people rebuilt the town. To commemorate the gathering forces under Malong, the place was renamed to “Nandaragupan” which means “where people meet”.  In 1780, the name of the town was simplified to Dagupan, followed by the end of Spanish rule in July 23, 1898 when the Spanish troops surrendered to the Katipunan leader, General Francisco Makabulos.

The first civil government was established in February 16, 1901 with the holding of the first elections through “viva voce”.

Dagupan became a city on June 20, 1947 by virtue of Republic Act No. 170, a law known as the City Charter of Dagupan.

LAND AREA                                                 :    4,008 hectares
POPULATION                                              :    150,424
NO. OF BARANGAYS                                :    31
CLASSIFICATION                                      :    1st class city
FIESTA IN HONOR OF ST. JOHN          :    December 1-30            
FESTIVAL                                                      :    Bangus Festival (April 15-30)
INDUSTRIES                                                 :    agricultural, livestock and poultry, fishery and aquatic resources
POINTS OF INTEREST                               :    Cathedral Parish of St. John the Evangelist (1614), Tondaligan Beach, Dawel River Cruise

For more details, check out Dagupan City Tourism website. Have Fun in Dagupan!