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Aliguas Calasiao!

The Municipality of Calasiao is the second oldest town in the Province of Pangasinan.  It was founded by the Dominicans in the year 1588.  CALASIAO is derived from the root word “LASI” which means a place of lightning.

Calasiao is where one can find the pilgrim site of the Señor Divino Tesoro and the only NCCA acknowledged cultural treasure in Pangasinan, the Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Church.

It is also the home of the famous and tasty Calasiao Puto.

LAND AREA                        :    5,339 hectares
POPULATION                     :    85,528
NO. OF BARANGAYS       :    24
CLASSIFICATION             :    1st class
FIESTA                                  :    Calasiao Feast of Señor Divino Tesoro (May)
FESTIVAL                            :    Puto Festival
PRODUCTS                           :    rice, corn, vegetables, bananas, mangoes
COTTAGE INDUSTRIES  :    hat, basket and mat weaving, blacksmith, native cake making, bocayo manufacturing,
Calasiao puto making
TOURIST ATTRACTIONS   :    Divine Image of Señor Divino Tesoro, Sts. Peter & Paul Church (1588)