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“Home of the Lupang Hinirang”.

Bautista gained its municipal status in 1900.  It is in this town in 1899 where Jose Palma wrote his poem “Filipinas” which became the lyrics of the Philippine
National Anthem.

Bautista is also famous for its “walis tambo ”, thus, it is called the “The Walis Tambo Capital of Pangasinan”.

LAND AREA                       :    4,632 hectares
POPULATION                    :    32,000
NO. OF BARANGAYS      :    18
CLASSIFICATION            :    4th class
FIESTA                                 :    June 23-24
PRODUCTS                          :    rice, corn, tobacco, onions, ampalaya, string beans, watermelon, rock melon
INDUSTRIES                      :    walis tambo (broom) making, buro (fermented rice and fish) making