COME discover excitingly diverse images that have made Pangasinan one of the country’s top provinces in governance and productivity, a burgeoning center for tourism and investments.

Its opulent sceneries, rich, glorious history and colorful culture captured in our website, which, we hope adds to your sensational cyberspace experience. As you may discover, our website offering is not solely about nature and interesting places. It also presents excellent glimpses of a people in their valiant struggles, successes, dreams and longings, and a perspective about its leadership that has embarked on a valiant journey toward

We have put together
detailed, discerning
and all-around
awesome guides to
Pangasinan, which,
we hope, you, too, will
have fun in discovering.
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Monthly Archives

Board Members

Hon. Napoleon C. Fontelera Jr.
1st District

Committee Chairman on Infrastructure, Public Services and Utilities

Hon. Raul P. Sison
2nd District

Committee Chairman on Children, Women, Senior Citizens, Family Affairs and Social Welfare


Hon. Generoso D. Tulagan, Jr.
3rd District

Committee on Human Resources and Development, Labor and Employment Concerns

bm villegas

Hon. Liberato Z. Villegas
4th District

Committee Chairman on Agriculture and Agrarian Reform

Committee Chairman on Environment, Natural Resources and Energy

Hon. Clemente Niño B. Arboleda Jr.
5th District

Committee Chairman on Housing and Land Utilization

Hon. Noel C. Bince
6th District

Committee Chairman on Laws and Ordinances

Committee Chairman on Good government and Accountability of Public Officers, Justice and Human Rights

Hon. Jeane Jinky C. Zaplan
Liga ng mga Barangay Provincial President

Committee Chairman on Barangay, Rural Development, Public Order and Safety


Hon. Antonio G. Sison
1st District

Committee Chairman on Information and Communication Technology

nikiboy reyes

Hon. Nestor D. Reyes
2nd District

Committee Chairman on Rules, Privileges and Ethics

Committee Chairman on Foreign Affairs and OFW Concerns

bm baniqued

Hon. Angel M. Baniqued, Jr.
3rd District

Committee Chairman on Appropriations, Economic Affairs and Ways and Means

Hon. Jeremy Agerico B. Rosario
4th District

Committee Chairman on Education

Committee Chairman on Health

Hon. Chinky Perez-Tababa
5th District

Committee Chairman on Youth and Sports

Hon. Salvador S. Perez, Jr.
6th District

Committee Chairman on Cooperative, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development

bm perez

Hon. Shiela Marie Perez-Galicia
Philippine Councilors League
Pangasinan Chapter President

Committee Chairman on Inter-local Government and People’s and Non-Governmental Organizations Relations