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Binmaley subdues Manaoag

BINMALEY SUBDUES MANAOAG IN QUARTERFINALS. Heating up the game, Binmaley ace player Roxar Melendez (21) outhustles the other players for a rebound saving the missed lay-up of Rodelio Perez (11) notwithstanding the sticky defense of Manaoag cagers Bryan Rosalin (34) and Christian Danielle Abo (5).Team Binmaley trounces Manaoag with a 9-point lead, 92-83, during the Group A quarterfinals of the 2nd Govenor’s Cup Inter-Town/City Basketball Tournament held at the Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center (NRCSSC) Gymnasium on February 4. The game was reminiscent of the championship finals in the 1st Governor’s Cup Inter-Town/City Basketball Cagefest pitting these top two contenders. /SMDG (Photo by SReyes)


LINGAYEN, Pangasinan—Teams Lingayen, Mangatarem, Sto. Tomas and Binmaley remained undefeated after three rounds of the quarterfinals of the 2nd Governor’s Cup Inter-Town/City Basketball Tournament on February 4, which was held simultaneously in two different venues, Narciso Ramos Sports and Civic Center (NRSCC) and Pozorrubio gym.


One of the four teams that bear a 3-0 (win-loss) scorecard, defending champion Binmaley is the lone team under Group A that has untarnished record, to date, defeating even its nemesis for the championship crown last year, Team Manaoag, in a close match on February 4 which ended with 92-83 final score. Binmaley also beat Mangaldan last January 28, 100-94 and Alaminos City on February 3, 73-60.


Meanwhile, Lingayen team of Group B has earlier defeated the equally-powerful cagers of Urdaneta City, 114-110, as well as Bautista and Bugallon, 106-81 and 93-69, respectively.


Mangatarem, on the other hand, have won via hairline against Bolinao, 83-82, Pozorrubio, 91-89, and Balungao, 107-102.


Wild card survivor Sto. Tomas team, also under Group B, hauled three wins against Balungao, 83-76, Calasiao, 107-95, and Pozorrubio, 91-84.


It can be recalled that the teams were grouped in two brackets — Group A and B for the quarterfinals. Group A is composed of the five top teams from the Central and Northern Conferences while Group B comprises the top five contingents from the Eastern and Western Conferences. 


Teams from each group will have to play against each other on a round robin format. Quarterfinal games kicked off last January 28.



Team standings as of February 4:




            Team          Win                             Loss


Binmaley                   3                                  0

Manaoag                   2                                  1

Tayug                         2                                  1

Alaminos City          2                                  1

Malasiqui                   2                                  1

Mangaldan                2                                  1

Bayambang             2                                  1

Sual                            0                                  3

Asingan                   0                                  3

Umingan                   0                                  3






Lingayen                   3                                  0

Sto. Tomas                3                                  0

Mangatarem            3                                  0

Bautista                   2                                  1

Urdaneta City           2                                  1

Calasiao                  1                                  2

Bolinao                      1                                  2

Bugallon                  0                                  3

Pozorrubio               0                                  3

Balungao                  0                                  3


Here is the schedule of the next match-ups: 


Group A– Venue: Tayug gym

                 Date: February 10


  8:30AM- Umingan vs Asingan

  10AM- Malasiqui vs Binmaley

  11:30AM- Manaoag vs Sual

  1PM- Mangaldan vs Alaminos City

   2:30PM- Tayug vs Bayambang



 February 11 (same venue)

  8:30AM- Malasiqui vs Manaoag

  10AM- Bayambang vs Mangaldan

  11:30AM- Sual vs Umingan

  1PM- Alaminos City vs Asingan

  2:30PM- Binmaley vs Tayug 


Group B– Venue: Urdaneta City gym

                Date: February 10


 8:30AM- Lingayen vs Sto. Tomas

10AM- Bugallon vs Bautista

11:30AM- Pozorrubio vs Bolinao

1PM- Mangatarem vs Calasiao

 2:30PM- Balungao vs Urdaneta City


February 11 (same venue)

 8:30AM- Pozorrubio vs Lingayen

10AM- Bolinao vs Bautista

11:30AM- Balungao vs Bugallon

1PM- Urdaneta City vs Calasiao

2:30PM- Sto. Tomas vs Mangatarem


(Ruby R. Bernardino)



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