March 10, 2012, Filed under Press Release

Executive Assistant III Operania (left) and Athletic Manager Dr. Enrique Macayon (2nd from left) supervise the rigid training of some 415 athletes at the Pozorrubio Central School from March 6 to 17 in preparation for the forthcoming Region I Athletic Association (R1AA)  on March 18 in Urdaneta City.  Operania said Governor Amado T. Espino, Jr. has extended all the necessary support to a program that would condition the athletes to optimize their performance in the R1AA, the winner of which will compete in Palarong Pambansa on May 6-12.  It will be recalled that Pangasinan Division II dethroned Ilocos Norte last year, the perennial winner for 11 straight years in the R1AA (formerly Ilocos Region Athletic Association).  (PIO Photo by Bob Sison)



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