January 21, 2012, Filed under Press Release

“Sometime in January 2012, while you were occupying the position and performing official functions as Provincial Guard of the Provincial Jail in Lingayen, Pangasinan, you convinced, enticed, induced, threatened, intimidated or coerced an inmate named Gilbert D. Diaz to stab and to kill another inmate, named Felipe Quiliope, by allegedly offering him monetary reward or consideration in the amount of Twenty Five Thousand Pesos (P25,000.00). And on January 18, 2012, on or about 12:40 pm, upon your instruction, Gilbert D. Diaz stabbed Felipe Quiliope several times in different parts of his body, with the use of an improvised weapon/icepick, which you provided. Contrary to law.”

In his report to the governor, Provincial Warden Rolando Diaz  said that  Quiliope,  an inmate accused of murder, was stabbed by Gilbert Diaz,  an inmate accused of rape, using improvised icepick last January 18 inside the premises of the Pangasinan Provincial Jail.

He said that the victim just arrived from a court hearing in Dagupan City when he was suddenly stabbed by the other inmate.

The provincial warden said that the weapon used was confiscated by responding jail guard measuring around 11.3 inches from the tip to hand.

In filing the formal charge, the legal officer said: “In effect, your acts diminished the public’s trust in our government system and tainted the image of public office, to the damage and prejudice of the Pangasinan Provincial Jail, in particular and public service in general.”

Baniqued directed the suspended provincial guard to submit his verified answer to the formal charge within 10 days. In the same order Baniqued reminded the respondent jail guard of his right to secure the legal services of a counsel of his own choice.



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